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096: Remember: no obstacles, only challenges. | Groove (2000)

Episode Summary

"Guy, if there's one thing you learn tonight, I hope it's this: The sh*t ain't over 'till the last record spins."

Episode Notes

Has anyone ever heard of this film? It's like a map point if you're in the know. Dust off your UFO pants, candy bracelets and glow sticks cause we're going back to the start of the interwebs and the tail end of communicating without cell phones. Immediately this film has the cred cause DIGWEED! Me and Jai talk our own raver stories of the late 90s, the (great at the time but actually awful) fashion, and the MUSIC! 

Off topic rants include: what we think of the new Matrix 4 trailer, wanting more raver documentaries, and more celeb gossip only I care about. 


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Hosts: Lauren @lauren_melanie  & Jai @jai_stylefactory

 Music by Den-Mate @imdenmate

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