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100: Think she goes all the way? | Cherry Falls (2000)

Episode Summary

"She thinks fellatio is a character in Shakespeare."

Episode Notes

Again, another film I had no idea existed until literally WEEKS ago. Both me and Charles give our first time fresh high level thoughts about Cherry Falls that literally gets better with each watch. Of course who doesn't want to see a slasher film in the mountains of Virginia where virgins are the target. I mean... 

In this episode we talk the SUPER weird relationship between Jody and her "dad", the ridiculousness of the story at every turn, and continue to ask the hard questions. Like: what in the actual fuck is going on? 

Off topic rants include: our love of celeb gossip podcasts, whether or not I should start a HateWatch series of movies I hate, and the fascinating genre of the 80s and 90s TV movie.


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