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166: Midnight margaritas! | Practical Magic (1998)

Episode Summary

"Since when is being a slut a crime in this family?"

Episode Notes

What a cute little movie! A great way to end off this October season and a perfect vibe for this Halloween! This is my first time watching this one and although I feel like I've seen it through film stills on Tumblr already. Nothing could have prepared me for how I want to LIVE inside of this movie. In the house, garden, and especially with the coolest Aunts in the galaxy. 

Me and Mikey covered this one and even though he's seen it multiple times, it's still every bit as exciting. Our only gripes were that the story seemed a bit weird in the middle. While we were hoping for more of a Thelma and Louise type vibe it went a bit more Exorcist. We cover the amazing fashion and incredible resume of the costume designer, Judianna Makovsky and obsess over another successful 90s soundtrack. 

Off-topic rants include: Mikey's Haunted House search, movie studio interference, and putting respect on Bella Swan's name and my complete shock in finding out Mikey is Team Jacob..the audacity! 


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