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168: Libbets? What sort of a name is Libbets? | The Ice Storm (1997)

Episode Summary

"Your family is the void you emerge from, and the place you return to when you die. And that's the paradox: The closer you're drawn back in, the deeper into the void you go."

Episode Notes

Better late than never. It's still the weekend of the Thanksgiving holiday so here is another holiday themed film that fits the bill. I have heard of this one but it's a first time watch for me. The cast was an immediate draw that made me so amped to finally review. 

Me and Charles talked about how we loved the 70s fashion, question how this wasn't nominated for any Oscars, and basically talk other films in the 'domestic drama' category 

Off-topic rants include: Oscars/Award show facts, an embarrassing antidote, and the hierarchy of wildlife documentaries


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Hosts: Lauren @lauren_melanie & Charles @charleshaslam

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