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176: Maybe the next one, darling. | Crash (1996)

Episode Summary

"I've always wanted to drive a crashed car."

Episode Notes

Finally I've stepped into the world of David Cronenberg films. It really is fitting that the first one I see and review is Crash from 1996. It was both me and Charles' first watch and we were enthralled. The exploration of subcultures I always find fascinating and this certain was that. We talk about the physical reactions to car crashes, how James Spader is THAT one, and constantly remind you that it's not the same film as that abomination that won Best Picture in 2004. 


off-topic rants include: who we would like to see in the film now, Christopher Meloni, Coen films, the history of NC-17 movies


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Hosts: Lauren @lauren_melanie & Charles @charleshaslam

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