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178: It's melting! | Kuffs (1992)

Episode Summary

:Why are we doing so much running? Aren't we all going to be in cars?"

Episode Notes

What is it about Christian Slater? He has the charm to basically almost carry anything. Well, Kuffs is a little known action comedy from 1992 that only really survives because of the magic of our lead character. Charles picked this one and it was a light refresher into why the 90s had such a diverse group of film genres. 

We talk about the unexpected fashion we loved, just wonder what the hell this script was about, and take a look at the recent work of Slater and why this movie would have made a fun tv series.

Off-topic rants include: my GOT watching progress, Real World: Hawaii, and I ask Charles whether or not I should start watching Scandal 


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Host: Lauren @lauren_melanie  & Charles @charleshaslam

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