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Back Track 014: Don't you want to know why I brought you here? | Dial M for Murder (1954) [Patreon Preview]

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Man, I love a Hitchcock film. There are few directors that give me chills in the best way and he is one of them. As a master of suspense, tension building, and incredible casting there is nothing better in a classic murder mystery story. These are just some of the brilliant aspects of his filmmaking that we still study today. 

My first watch was when I was super young thanks to my mom. This is one of those stories  that has become a comfort film to me now in my adulthood. Adapted from a play, Dial M for Murder mainly takes place inside the apartment of Tony and Margot Wendice and as the story unfolds it's exciting from moment to moment. 

Me and Charles love the classics, including Ray Milland (woof) and the etherial and later royal Grace Kelly. We talk the behind the scenes. drama and other casting options, how the fashion came together, and questioned how this whole thing could have been solved by having a keychain on your latch key.

Off-topic rants include: Oscars rage segment, the Back to the Future series, scandalous old Hollywood movie themes, and we have a grasshopper interruption about 33 mins in


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