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🧵 Fashion Chat: Met Gala looks, Law Roach on The Cutting Room Floor, Galliano galore

Episode Summary

Me and Jai are back to discuss our best and worst Met Gala looks, Law Roach on the Cutting Room Floor Podcast, Galliano being everywhere...

Episode Notes

Yes, Jai is back here on the pod to talk the recent happenings in fashion but basically we dish some hot topics then straight into our Met Gala recap. 

We first discuss the status of Hedi Slimane at LVMH, Susie Bubble at System Magazine and our fave mid 2000s bloggers, Law Roach on The Cutting Room Floor Podcast, and then our hits and misses when it comes to the Met looks. Who was and wasn't on theme, why so much Galliano, some menswear we enjoyed.


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Hosts: Lauren @lauren_melanie & Jai @jai_stylefactory

 Music by Den-Mate @imdenmate

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