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Forward Flash 033: Jake Donnelly, please report to the nurses station. | Swimfan (2002) w/ @lovefool.99 [Patreon Preview]

Episode Summary

Listen to this preview of our episode on Swimfan with special guest Samantha of @lovefool.99!

Episode Notes

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A first on the podcast, we have a special guest for a Forward Flash episode! I'm joined by Samantha of the nostalgia account Lovefool.99 on IG! This was such a blast to deconstruct an early 2000s classic. 

Swim along with us as we try to make sense of this literal insane story, the weird acting, and the questionable fashion choices. Like, why does Madison look like she works in a bank? 

We get off track then find our way back in the lane to talk the ins and outs of the oddly high body count, the weird teen obsession film genre of the 90s/00s, and why this totally should have had a sequel. 

Enjoy! 💦


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Guest: Samantha @lovefool.99  Lovefool.99 on TikTok 

Hosts: Lauren @lauren_melanie

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