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Forward Flash 035: Drink and live. Drink and learn. | Queen of the Damned (2002) [Patreon Preview]

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Wait so nobody told me how iconic this movie actually is. I have seen Queen of the Damned or parts of it so long ago that I basically haven't seen it. OMG. 

I mean disregard the weird storylines and you have a (dope) 90 minute nu-metal music video with a vampire b-story...awesome. 

Since it's October and in keeping with the spooky mood we have to talk vampires. Me and Jules had literally the best time talking about this film and discovering all these amazing behind the scenes facts. For the hour we basically complain that there wasn't more Aaliyah (RIP Forever), wish we could pull off these costumes, and talk about how Twilight toootallly was biting the style years later.

Off-topic rants: the Aaliyah and Trent Reznor connection, why me and Jules have to produce a nu-metal documentary, 


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