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Villa Download: Love Island USA Season 6 Eps 15-16

Episode Summary

🏝️ My history with Love Island as a series and the start of my season 6 LI USA recaps!

Episode Notes

As you have learned from my last interview episode, I'm a big Love Island fan. Even if only a small group of people listen, it will all be worth it for me to get my thoughts out on this show I've been watching for the past 5 years. This is the first of my recaps of this current season (6) of the USA version of this night soap/ dating show. 

At the start I get into my history with how I started watching the show, my favorite moments of the UK series, and how I currently feel about what's (not) going on in the UK villa right now. 

On eps 15-16 I get into the aftermath of that Rob and Leah bust up, Liv being necessary to the story, and why I need Miguel and Rob to face off in this villa. Although 'Casa Amor' is around the corner so all of this could mean nothing because SO much happens day to day. 

'Don't mug me off' and keep up with the rest of my episodes every Saturday for the rest of the US season!


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Host: Lauren @lauren_melanie

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