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You, Me and 5 Bucks 001: A chat w/ Brandon of @1990archives

Episode Summary

For the first in an interview series on the podcast, I talk to Brandon who runs 1990archives about 90s culture and the forever spirit of the alternative nation.

Episode Notes

It's been more than time to reach out to other 90s heads out there. This is my first venture in interviewing and I just had to talk with Brandon who runs the instagram account, @1990archives 

We get into our fave 90s bands and fashion era/brands, why MTV needs more than a reboot, and how he gathers info on the 90s scene for his page.

We did a collab playlist on Spotify: 


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Host: Lauren @lauren_melanie 

Guest: Brandon of @1990archives

 Music by Den-Mate @imdenmate

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