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You, Me and 5 Bucks 002: A Chat with Doom Generation Podcast

Episode Summary

The second interview on the podcast! I chat to the ladies of Doom Generation all about the 90s and more!

Episode Notes

The first podcast collaboration here on the pod and we're talking 90s with Doom Generation Podcast

Enjoy an hour of the three of us going off the rails at times...

Some interesting bits include: y2k fears, the impending Courtney Love memoir, vintage MTV moments (again), what 90s trash tv we watched, and tagging celebs on IG which lead to an interesting encounter/story with Michael DeLuise. 

Stay glued for a hilarious story involving Chloë Sevigny at Coachella back in the day


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Host: Lauren @lauren_melanie 

Guest: Tessa & Nicole of Doom Generation podcast @doomgenerationpod

 Music by Den-Mate @imdenmate

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