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You, Me and 5 Bucks 012: A chat w/ Kev Creature [Patreon Preview]

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A preview of my chat w/ Kev Creature!

Episode Notes

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There are times when I think about the films and directors that shaped me in my teenage years.  Back in the 90s I could have never imagined connecting with anyone outside of my own friend group who liked the same weird movies and things I did. Now, because of this magical place called the internet it's easy to find people from all corners of the world and generations with shared interests.

This brings me to the latest interview episode. I connected with Kev via IG on our love for Gregg Araki movies. Since there is all this hype surrounding the latest remastered editions of The Doom Generation and Nowhere, it was great to chat with someone who has been to the screenings and has some 'irl' experience with the cast. 

We get into how we discovered Araki, Gen Z and Millennial culture, and much more! 


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Guest: Kev Creature @kevcreature

Host: Lauren @lauren_melanie

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