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You, Me and 5 Bucks 013: A chat w/ Black Girl Film Club

Episode Summary

Listen to my chat with Ashley and Britney of Black Girl Film Club!

Episode Notes

And we're back with another interview episode! I did promise I would do more of these this year and what a better way to start than to chat to Ashley and Britney of Black Girl Film Club Podcast! As per usual we were all over the place when it comes to the topics we covered.  The way we analyze films these days is always so interesting to me. We touch on how the discovery and reviewing of films has changed in the age of social media. 

We get into what new films we're looking forward to, our reality tv watching habits, why people are just waking up to Mark-Paul Gosselaar,  going through actor eras (binging filmographies), politics of awards season, and I mean we talked about it ALL! 


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Guests: Ashley @Letterboxd & Britney @Letterboxd of Black Girl Film Club @blackgirlfilmclub

Host: Lauren @lauren_melanie

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