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You, Me and 5 Bucks 017: A fashion chat w/ Hunter Shires of @highendhomo

Episode Summary

Listen to my fashion chat w/ Hunter Shires of Runway Radio Podcast!

Episode Notes

I live for an opportunity to talk about fashion and connect with new people. I've followed Hunter @highendhomo on Twitter and been obsessed with his takes on pop culture and fashion so I knew that it would be great to see things from his perspective. Getting another view from someone who is a bit more plugged in than I am makes for such a great back and forth convo. 

We get into the "cancel culture" aftermath of certain designers, how consumption has changed, the industry when it comes to personal style, celebrities,  and our own entry by way of either music or muses. There is talk of current magazines, the revolving door of creative directors, and of course we had to touch on the recent hot topics and whiplash of all the names we've heard thrown around for the next head of Chanel.

off-topic rants: current movie and tv faves and the new guard in music 


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Guest: Hunter Shires @highendhomo  Twitter Runway Radio Podcast

Host: Lauren @lauren_melanie

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